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New Drops
  • 10 Minute Booty Blast with Greta

    Tone and strengthen your booty in this short and sweaty session. Learn simple moves to lift and shape your rear. You’ll love the results you get from a regular practice of these targeted moves.

  • 20 Minute Pilates + Restore with Megan O.

    Pilates + Restore is designed so you can stretch, breathe and relax deeper into the present moment. You’ll also learn Pilates movements to strengthen your core and improve your posture. You’ll hold grounding postures for longer to help you lengthen your muscles and release stress. Enjoy mellow mu...

  • 20 Minute Kundalini Cardio with Greta

    Enjoy a physical and spiritual workout in this energizing kundalini yoga sequence. You’ll get your heart rate up and break a sweat as you cleanse your aura. This is an excellent tune up that packs a bunch in a short session. Challenge yourself to 40 days of practice to see major results!

  • 10 Minute Ballet Inspired Exercises with Megan O.

    Learn ballet inspired exercises designed to lengthen and tone your muscles while improving your posture. Move to the music as you become graceful and strong.

  • 10 Minute Core Blast with Annie S.

    A quick 10 minutes of body weight work designed to challenge your mind and light your abs on fire. An easy workout to fit in your busy day or as a compliment to the 10 minute upper body and/or lower body strength.

  • 10 Min Lower Body Strength with Annie S.

    10 minute lower body burn where you’ll move through primary movement patterns, the squat, hinge, and lunge, with strength and power. Great on its own or in combo with the 10 minute upper body strength or 10 minute core blast.
    Dumbbells only.

  • 10 Minute Upper Body Strength with Annie S.

    Crush your upper body in just 10 minutes using only a set of dumbbells. Back to back work with minimal rest to maximize your time so you finish feeling accomplished. Effective to do by itself if you’ve only got a few minutes, or great to add to the 10 minute core blast or lower body.

  • 20 Minute Barre Express with Greta

    Barre Express is an efficient 20-min workout designed to tone and sculpt the entire body in one short session. You will lengthen and strengthen your legs, glutes and arms as you move and shake to upbeat music.

  • 10 Minute Core with Greta

    This 10-min Core Class will tone your tummy and sculpt your abs quickly and efficiently. A strong core is key for developing a strong posture and a healthy back. Grab an exercise ball (or do it without) and enjoy this quick workout!

  • 30 Minute Vinyasa with Megan

    Flow, stretch and breathe deeply in this balanced 30-min Vinyasa class. You’ll challenge your body to twist and balance in a variety of postures that will increase your flexibility. Enjoy a deep release and relaxation at the end of this class.

  • 10 Minute Mat Pilates Express with Elinor

    In this express Pilates class you will find your form and strengthen your core. Focus on balance and posture by alleviating pressure on the spine through proper alignment. Get ready to elevate your breathing and refine those overlooked muscles.

  • 20 Minute HIIT Strength w/Annie

    A sweat drenched 20 minute full body workout designed to push you to embody your strength, get your heart rate up, and improve your overall physical fitness utilizing a high intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology.

  • 10 Minute Abs & Arms with Annie

    An efficient 10 minute abs and arms workout focused on compound movements to maximize your time and leave you feeling accomplished.

  • 10 Minute Inner Thigh Blast with Greta

    Tone your inner thighs and strengthen your legs with this quick 10-min blast. Do this workout alone or pair it with additional workouts to hit all your body parts.

  • 20 Min Yoga Core Express with Greta

    Deepen your breath as you flow through a lengthening and strengthening yoga sequence that will increase your flexibility. Experience the power of your core as you’re guided through challenging ab exercises that will improve your posture and self-esteem. This 20-minute class is sure to leave you f...

  • 30 Min Yoga Sculpt Express with Kiki

    A new take on yoga, with a weight & strength incorporation to build on muscle, and burn calories while working out your entire body.